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Asturias-a-mosca – Fly fhising guides will join you and show you our rivers, recommending the best stretches and places to fishing, according to the ambient conditions and fish activity in each time.

We will help you making the most of those preserves (brown trout, reo, salmon) which you can’t wait to fish, showing you the most fruitful zones and the best techniques to be used.

Each tour  is unique and thought for you. You decide where, when and how fish and if you want other activities for you and your companions.

From Asturias-a-mosca – Fly fhising guides we will try to provide you with everything you need:

· Maxia Rods Fishing Equipment

· Flies

· Wader

· Required licenses and permissions

· Accommodation

· Restaurant tables booking

· Museum tickets

· Outdoor activities...